Ken Streetman started the CapComm Group twenty-three years ago. Creating new promotional programs for 
companies and their new products. Our goal, offer clients something very new and different in promotional items. Let CapComm can design a new program for you and you company. A new program that will reach a million new customers for you all across America.

To contact Ken Streetman by phone: Please give him a call in Houston at his office, 713-681-3202

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Ken Streetman, President of The Capital Communications Group started his company back in 1993. CapComm was named one of the leading 'promotion' card companies in the Phone Card industry. CapComm has provided promotional card products to many Fortune 500 companies.

CapComm Group has just launched their latest project "Click For The Cure" and Win A New Corvette. This new charity program will give each donor a chance to win a great prize. Our new program is designed to give something back to the donor .. Besides a little paper ticket for their donation. 

For a $10.00 donation you'll receive a collector coin and a free chance to win a great prize. Unlike most programs, when you make a donation, you receive a 'thank you' and that's all you get. So this year we decided to make a coin so we can give something of value (the coin), along with a free chance to win a prize.

CapComm also holds the honors of having put the first phone-card in Space. (aboard the STS93). Then we won the “International Card of the Year” award .. We produced the "first" Ryan White AIDS Foundation card. There were several more “firsts” to our credit and we have not stopped. We also produced the very first .999 silver Corvette coin and the first silver Mustang coin. We gave away that Mustang last November in Homestead, Fl., at the NASCAR Ford 400.

CapComm's first national sweepstakes, was their Win This New project back in 1999. A special note .. Over 4.5 million people saw that new Harley. It was a limited edition, one-of-a-kind Fat Boy and it was beautiful. Next we had our first Win A New Corvette give-away. That's when we produced our first .999 silver Corvette coin and we gave away a new 2008 Corvette Coupe. We're also working on a new silver coin for the 1,000,000 plus Corvette owners and the 1,000,000 'specialty' coin collectors across the USA.

CapComm has given away 3 Harley's, a Hummer, a T-Bird, two Mustangs .. a Trek bike .. and even a Smart Car. We just gave away our 6th Corvette Dec. 2013. Our last sweepstakes, we gave away a new 2014 Mustang GT at the Ford 400 in Homestead, Florida on Nov. 16th. 2014.

Sweepstakes are fun and people love them. We make our give-away's better by giving something of value back to our customers. Something more in value than one of those little yellow raffle tickets. When customers buy a Photo Book or a Coin, they always get a 'free chance' to win something special. People want something more than a just a little ticket with a number on it.

Our fans appreciate getting something more than a piece of paper whether they spend $10.00 dollars or $100.00 dollars. That's when we decided to have weekly drawings. Why not have a drawing every week and give away lots of prizes. So we  decided to have 30 to 50 drawings for each program. That's a lot better and lot's more fun than having just one drawing. Our answer.. Let's have "weekly drawings".

Our sponsors love it and our customers really appreciate it .. and we have lot's more fun with weekly drawings and more chances for people to win a prize.



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